My Parenting Style

I’m going to continue along with the theme of parenting this week! As a mom, my whole life is consumed by being just that — A mom! I live and breathe for my daughter. Here’s a little bit on how we do things around here;

As a parent, you aren’t given a giant book on how to do things for and with your child. You basically are thrust into a whirlwind of milk, diapers and tears. If a parent says they have it together, they are 110% lying. Parenting is a big series of “Yeah, I’m just winging it.” for 18 years. It takes FOREVER to find your parenting style or your groove for parenting, and it’s not a one size fits all.

We practice something called “attachment parenting”. It’s also referred to as “gentle parenting”, and it coincides with “hippie ” or “crunchy parenting”. Attachment parenting is defined as “focusing on the nurturing connection built between parents and child”. It’s viewed as a way to raise strong, independent, empathetic and secure children. Attachment parenting focuses more on “doing the right thing because it’s right and I know the difference”, and is not punishment based. Attachment parenting is not permissive parenting. We have limits, we tell our daughter no, but we raise her in a positive and growing environment.

Click here to learn more about attachment parenting —

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