Social Media & Marketing

I’ve always known that social media and marketing go hand in hand, especially in our current culture. It’s especially important to small business, those that don’t get the Superbowl commercial, billboard, or really any advertisement at all. Small businesses, when starting out, can’t necessarily afford the extra expense that is advertising– that is where social media comes in super handy. If you would take a look at your “local” Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, chances are, there will a LOT. Social media is an (almost) free outlet for businesses to use to reach their fans and customers. Sure, you can pay for more ads and likes, but if you know what you are doing, your organic reach can be enough.

I think I have always known that social media is extremely important to all businesses, but you don’t realize how much thought is put into every post, every photo, every video, every comment that a business posts. It’s all like a movie, intricately played out.

I think the only social media I wasn’t super comfortable with was LinkedIn, and I still wouldn’t call myself an expert. I certainly know more than I did, but the point of it seems silly to someone in a long term position.

Thanks for an awesome class, I enjoyed this one! (I haven’t disliked any class I have taken of yours!)

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