All About Me!

My name is Meara Short & this is a little about me!

My Family: I live in South Dakota with my husband, Marcus & our 15 month old daughter, Bentlee. We also have a dog, Daisy, and a cat, Luna. My husband is a Veteran of the SD National Guard, and he currently works as a lot manager at a car dealership. I currently work at a contract call center for an insurance company. Marcus & I have been married since June of 2017.

My Hobbies: I absolutely LOVE to sleep. As a mom, that’s one of my favorite activities, since I rarely get to do it. I also love Target, of course! I really enjoy crime documentaries (serial killer documentaries absolutely fascinate me!). I enjoy spending any time with my daughter, cooking, coloring, knitting, and ANY and ALL crafting!


Color: Purple, Black

Food: Mashed Potatoes, Steak, Chicken & Gnocchi Soup (Thanks, Olive Garden!) SUSHI!

Restaurants: Carnaval, Hu Hot, Sushi Masa (A must), Red Lobster, Zaroty